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Our Mission:

"The mission of CCRUSA is to elevate public awareness of the scope of the disease. Canine cancer strikes over 40% of all dogs, killing 60% of them ten years of age and over. Dogs six and over have a 50% chance of getting cancer. Canine cancer is a real epidemic and numbers are increasing."

"The goal of CCRUSA is to elevate awareness of the epidemic, encourage people to discuss canine cancer with veterinary professionals, nutritionists and holistic practitioners to make informed decisions. The more people discuss canine cancer, the faster treatment and best demonstrated practices for prevention will occur. We are committed to nutrition as the primary route to good health and provide nutritional counseling in the interest of better health and longer life for our four legged companions."

-- Steve Katz, Founder and President

CCRUSA raises money via events, fundraisers, and on-line donations.

100% of all proceeds benefit: