CCRUSA and Pet Nutrition Systems partner for canine health!

CCRUSA has an exciting relationship with Pet Nutrition Systems- the leading provider of the most advanced Veterinary Prescriptive Nutrition Services, Breed Specific Diet Plans, and complete line of Holistic Whole Food meals for pets. Read more below, order directly from the links provided and know that you will not only make a difference in the health and well-being of your pet companion, but you will also be making a contribution to Canine Cancer Research USA!

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VPN lineAn optimum nutritional state is important in managing a variety of inherited and other metabolic diseases as well as for a healthy immune system. Nutritional factors that play an important role in immune function include zinc, selenium and vitamin E, vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine), and linoleic acid. Deficiency of these compounds impairs both circulating (humoral) as well as cell-mediated immunity. The requirement for essential nutrients increases during periods of rapid growth or reproduction and also may increase in geriatric individuals, because immune function and the bioavailability of these nutrients generally wane with aging. All you need to do to get started is send an email to or call 570-266-1452 to request your Veterinary Prescriptive Pre-Consultation Questionaire. Upon receipt we will review your information and set up your FREE Nutrition Consultation. Don’t forget to mention CCRUSA as proceeds from the sale of PNS products will benefit CCRUSA!

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BSD lineAssurance of proper nutritional health entails more than meeting minimal nutrient profiles defined by the AAFCO. Pet Nutrition Systems’ nutritional assessment considers several other important influencing factors including the ancestral diet the breed was developed on, status of the animal’s health, the current diet, age and the environment. An iterative process, in which the factors affecting the animal’s nutritional status get assessed as often as required, provides the most thorough nutritional assessment of your pet. PNS uses hundreds of research studies from veterinary medicine universities, dog food companies and independent laboratories. Many of these studies gave report to individual nutrients found to be essential in the canine diet, i.e.; vitamin A, calcium, copper, etc. With each research study that used two or more breeds it was shown that there were nutritional differences between each breed. In fact not one research study cited showed any two breeds to have the same nutritional requirements for any one nutrient.

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HOL lineStudies regarding “nutrient – cell & gene interactions” have been produced for over three decades now and they have proved very valuable in teaching us how to meet our pets nutritional requirements. These studies also show us how each nutrient works and how they affect cells and genes. Our research and development team has applied these strategies for over 14 years and the results have been tremendous. This is the core knowledge needed to obtain and maintain optimum health for any species. The New benchmarks in pet nutrition are: FORM, BALANCE, POTENCY & FRESHNESS.
When correcting a general physical or dietary deficiency, our handmade organic meals and healing beverages give particular attention to form, balance and potency for optimum health and measured results. Holistic veterinarians insist that the key to disease prevention is found in a diet rich from living enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids and a good source of organic protein. Pet Nutrition Systems gourmet recipes and prescriptive formulations start & end with pure restaurant quality ingredients.

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